How Tax-Friendly is Florida

How ‘Tax-Friendly’ Is Fla. Compared to Other States? A MoneyGeek study including IRS, state, property and sales taxes listed Fla. as the No. 4 least-expensive tax state. Total tax costs are about 5.6% of total income.

TAMPA, Fla. – It’s tax filing season and depending on where you live in the U.S., you could be forking over a very different-sized chunk of your income.

An analysis by MoneyGeek ranked every state by how “tax-friendly” it is. The analysts didn’t just look at income tax – they also factored in property taxes, plus state and local sales taxes.

To determine where people pay the highest tax burden, MoneyGeek looked at a hypothetical average family: a married couple with one kid, earning the median national income of $82,852, owning a $349,400 home. The study breaks down how much this fictional family would pay in taxes in every state.

The states with the lowest tax burden, according to the analysis, were:
1. Wyoming (estimated taxes: 4% of income or $3,279)
2. Nevada (estimated taxes: 4.7% of income or $3,879)
3. Alaska (estimated taxes: 5.4% of income or $4,507)
4. Florida (estimated taxes: 5.6% of income or $4,632)
5. Tennessee (estimated taxes: 6.5% of income or $5,377)
6. Washington (estimated taxes: 6.5% of income or $5,414)
7. North Dakota (estimated taxes: 6.7% of income or $5,556)
8. Arizona (estimated taxes: 6.8% of income or $5,665)
9. South Dakota (estimated taxes: 7.2% of income or $5,938)
10. Delaware (estimated taxes: 7.3% of income or $6,074)

The states with the highest tax burden were:
1. Illinois (estimated taxes: 16.8% of income or $13,894)
2. Connecticut (estimated taxes: 15.1% of income or $12,545)
3. New Jersey (estimated taxes: 14.3% of income or $11,872)
4. New Hampshire (estimated taxes: 14.1% of income or $11,694)
5. New York (estimated taxes: 13.9% of income or $11,495)
6. Iowa (estimated taxes: 13.8% of income or $11,398)
7. Wisconsin (estimated taxes: 13.2% of income or $10,976)
8. Vermont (estimated taxes: 12.6% of income or $10,453)
9. Nebraska (estimated taxes: 12.6% of income or $10,446)
10. Michigan (estimated taxes: 12.4% of income or $10,239)

Based on its analysis, MoneyGeek also gave every state a letter grade on its “tax friendliness.” The states with A grades have the lowest tax burden on an “average” family, while the states with D or E grades have the highest tax burden.

MoneyGeek’s estimates only hold true for that hypothetical family,earning about $82,000 a year with a $349,000 house. A family who just bought a $1 million house in California would probably be paying a lot more in taxes, while a single person earning $40,000 in Texas would be paying less.

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Southwest Florida Real Estate Market Update

Buyer demand continues to be strong, inventory remains low, and sales prices continue to increase. January’s active listings in Lee County were down 31.1% compared to last year in January, giving us only a 1-month supply of inventory, while January’s Median Sales Price for Single Family Homes in Lee County was up 26.4%.

During the 3rd week of each month, the Florida Association of Realtors releases the official numbers from the prior month’s activity. Below are some of January’s numbers, for your reference. If you are interested in learning more about market activity in a specific neighborhood, development, city, or zip code, please let me know. I would be happy to provide you with a customized market analysis.

Lee County Single Family Home Sales – January 2022

Closed Sales 1,099 (Jan 2022) 1,224 (Jan 2021) -10.2%

Median Price $413,500 (Jan 2022) $327,250 (Jan 2021) +26.4%

Average Price $574,393 (Jan 2022) $489,738 (Jan 2021) +17.3%

Active Listings 1,517 (Jan 2022) 2,203 (Jan 2021) -31.1%
(Source Florida Association of Realtors, Data released February 21, 2022)

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